Fountain Feeder™ For Pets


                   Health Benefits

  • FountainFeeder™ will improve body posture and comfort. If a dog/cat has a back, neck or joint problem, a FountainFeeder™ will certainly help them eat and drink more comfortably and at a more natural position, as they will not have to bend and stretch so much to reach the food or water.
  • FountainFeeder™ improve the ease of swallowing. Imagine trying to swallow your food and/or water with your neck and head pointing down! Many dogs/cats with conditions such as arthritis or dysplasia find it very difficult to do so…Think about FountainFeeder™ as a table for dogs. It simply brings the food off the floor to a better level for your dog to eat comfortably.
  • FountainFeeder™ slows down speedy eaters. Perfect for fast eaters and drinkers: Your Pet will  gulp much less his/her food from a FountainFeeder. Perfect for the super speedy dogs.
  • FountainFeeder™ prevents serious conditions such as dog bloat (or volvulus) . This is a very painful twisting of the dog’s stomach. They also minimize the risks of mega-esophagus, a condition that occurs when the food accumulates into the esophagus instead of descending to the stomach. As a result, this can lead to regurgitation and eventually very serious other health issues.

  • FountainFeeder™ prevent dogs/cats from laying down to eat. Ever wondered your dog eats laying down in front of their food placed directly on the floor? It is because the food is set too low. This Causes discomfort to their neck and shoulders. FountainFeeder™ will remedy this problem by bringing the food to a higher level.


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